Sunday, February 28, 2016

rated R for terror

I have a movie reel inside my head and it is on a continous loop but only at bedtime and not every night. Thank goodness.

I hate the dark, always have and if I wake up in the night, which is rare I don't open my eyes I walk around with them shut so as to avoid the darkness. You might think the obvious thing to do would be to use a night light but I can't it's a migraine thing and I don't mind going to sleep in pitch black, actually I like it.

BUT I have a vivid imagination and I am always imagining people in my house and not like Santa and fairies. Sometimes I dream about them but more often than not it is at bedtime that I become convinced I hear things. URGH. The rational adult in me knows that it is absolute crap but the not so rational adult in me has a heart attack or two. It doesn't matter if there is an alarm on or not because last nights episode followed a gorgeous day of having the windows open. The weather has been stunning and I have had the house opened up. I closed everything up before it got dark, did a project and finally went to bed just after midnight.

Guess what? In my head someone had slipped into the house unseenwhen the windows and sliders were open and now they were lurking iside the house somewhere waiting for me to got to sleep.  See utterely irrational as I would have noticed. You can imagine the scene in my head and how ridiculous it was but my rational brain has apparently already gone to sleep as it refuses to take over. If the kiddies are at their fathers house, which is usually when it happens I lock my door and sleep armed with a bat.  Weapons are not for me.

The strange part of this never ending horror movie is that I have never seen a horror movie in my life, why would I want to be terrified on purpose? I swear Stephen King would pay good money for some of these scenarios.

Does anyone else do this?

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  1. OMG....all the time. Can't tell how many times I have this dream where someone is chasing me & I can't scream for help! Usually ends when Popster shakes me awake because I'm screaming my brains out. LOL Not funny! My answer to this is my brain doesn't shut down at night like normal people!