Friday, February 26, 2016

feeling scholarly

The girls both made honor roll for the last grading period and the award ceremonies were both this week. Thankfully my clients are always willing to change appointment times to accommodate the girls. Actually my clients are just very very accommodating, end of story.
Rosie received perfect attendance also
so proud of herself, as well she should be.
Hah, look at the socks! This is Hamley her friend, I love this little boy he is such a good student and a sweet kid to boot. These two have been in the same class every year. P.S. I cropped the other child out of the photos but blogger decided she should be in it anyway. LOL
Lilys ceremony fell on a Wednesday and Wednesdays happen to be, Wear what you want Day, hence no uniform. 
cheesey grin!
Lily and her BFF, Misela. 
Congratulations girlies on all of your hard work. You both amaze me.


  1. Rosie's face says it can see the confidence oozing out of her. Plus she is looking so grown up.....what's up with that?? Although the socks give her away:) Lily , of course, always looks so grown up. Congrats to both girls....Dawn you have a right to be proud!

  2. Your girls are so dang smart! Congrats to both of them!