Monday, February 29, 2016

dear uncle sam

Yesterday I had every intention of preparing my taxes for my accountant. I was sans children for the majority of the weekend so it was the obvious time to get it all done.

BUT. As you can see it was a big but, it did not happen. Life has been a little tough lately, as it is meant to be. If you sail along on smooth seas all the time you cannot appreciate them so every now and again rough 80 foot waves have to batter you for a while and between school, people, and a litany of complaints I needed too escape from reality and decided that Uncle Sam could wait a bit longer as could chemistry and anything else on my "to do" radar as I was running away for the day.

Earlier in the week I was driving the girls to school and I spotted this and somehow it ended up in the car. Yeah I don't know how either:

For such a germaphobe I don't know how.
And it passed the termite test immediately.
It had never had any finish at all on it so it was the easiest project ever to do. A little sanding to rough it up ( and clean it) then I painted it. I have a thing for hearts, I love them and my accent colour of the week ( that is what it seems to be around these parts) is red. I was tempted to paint it red and just have one red chair but then I thought I'll change my accent colour soon and I'll be stuck painting the chair so I painted little red hearts on the seat where they cannot be seen as they are under a cushion but I know they are there. It was done in no time. It is now my desk chair and is the perfect size.
yes that is a white heart because, why not?  this total transformation cost $3
That didn't take very long at all. It was waiting for it to dry that was time consuming but I started at 6am. Read prior post about sleeping LOL

 I have had an idea in my head since we had the professional photos taken and yesterday I searched Pinterest for the solution. I wanted to mount photos on canvas so it looked like they were printed on it. There HAD to be a way to do it. There is -ish. I have no aversion to getting them printed on canvas by the pros but you know me I like to do stuff myself. The only thing I did different was I don't like artist canvas I like just flat canvas so I chose that.

Shortly after I started this project I received a phone call from the girls, can we come home? It got put on hold and then restarted as a family affair.

attach photos to canvas with mod podge
leave for an hour to dry
coat photo with a healthy and even coat of mod podge then sandwich another canvas on top and peel off immediately
result is a bubbly scary mess that you think is a disaster.
see the bubbles
I sort of like the look but I love the photos
Lily didn't use enough adhesive and pulled some of her photo off but it gives it a vintage look
I just did this because I had the stiff and I liked it.
I had a fantastic day and felt a lot better about life in general although I suppose I'll be in a proper panic when I try to get all caught up tomorrow.

Dear Uncle Sam, Sorry, not sorry.

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  1. Heck with Uncle Sam.....he can wait! Love the chair.....tres chic! You really are a do-it-your-selfer! Cool canvas pics but I would be afraid I was ruining good prints!