Friday, March 11, 2016

oh my

Could I be a worse a blogger? Well actually I am sure I could. When I look at my blog feed I am saddened to see how shrivelled up it has become, barely anyone blogs anymore and then I realise I am one of those that doesn't. I don't have much to blog about what with all the boring busy that is happening I don't have time for fun stuff and when we do squeeze in the fun we live it and I forget to document it. Do you really want to know about chemistry? No, me either but I don't have a choice.

The other evening the girls and I went over to the tennis courts again. We laugh so much and have a great time. These evenings are not going to happen much anymore we are slated for temps in the high 80's this week, think 86. Oh jeezus, please not yet. Wahhhhh.

New equipment doesn't improve the skill level
Rosie calls them bats....sigh.
My girl and her bat...she is a natural athlete
It might not be pretty but it gets the job done
and then there is the ballerina
her motto is, thou shalt not run nor sweat
Love her lack of movement
She runs, she tries, she misses, we giggle
we must not hurry
This can only go in one direction.....backwards over the fence!
I haven't played tennis since I was younger than Lily and I have no idea why but I have retained my skills, if you can call them that. I was actually a squash player. The girls are amazed at how "good" I am and love playing one on one with me cos if they can keep it in the court somewhere I can return it to them and we can keep a decent volley going. I usually just dash around returning all stray balls and there are many of them.


  1. Great commentary! Love the two-handed athlete & the ballerina....quite a contrast in styles. Tennis was a required sport when I grew up but I went to a grammar school where everything was prim & proper:) Me, being a tomboy didn't quite "toe the line" so I was always in trouble.....spent a lot of time in the Headmaster's office:)

  2. What a fun evening! I took a tennis course in college and it was fun, but I was terrible at it! LOL! I'm sure you aren't looking forward to the hot temps coming your way. It has been unseasonably warm where I am for this time of year.

  3. That looks so Florida!

    You are a much better blogger than I. :)