Sunday, June 7, 2015


Lily turned 13 yesterday.

Nothing earth shattering happened.

She didn't combust due to raging hormones.


My sweet girl just had a fantastic day with a group of friends and laughed and carried on.

The best advice I have heard for raising a teenage girl is this, " just remember whatever happens, she was a good kid going into this and she'll be a good kid coming out. The part in the middle might get bumpy but it will end and she will be back."

I offered her many options for her 13th, from a trip to anywhere USA, to this that and the other. Her choice was a party at the house with the kids from her advanced academics classes, so that is what she had.

She received a jade bangle and was so so happy about it
and a floppy hat
we made all the decorations.
bright and cheery was her theme
not a very rowdy bunch but an absolutely lovely bunch
oh they laughed
at first Rosie and I stayed far far away but then Rosie wangled her little self right in to the thick of things and it turned out to be a good thing.
Lily decided she wanted a photo booth with tonnes of props 
makes me laugh
one of my favourites
giggling girls
I can't even see the likeness to who this is
I moustache you a question
13,14 and 15 and playing old maid. 
No of course I didn't make it!
Happy birthday
great fun
wonderful memories
The kids had a ball, they arrived at noon and the last one left shortly before 10pm. They just played and joked and ate and did their own thing. It was fun to have them all here. The boys had so much personality that we all kept laughing. Happiest of birthdays with some amazing memories for the birthday girl.


  1. Wish I had been there, the cake looks amazing. What did you make those froofy decorations out of, they look good. Happy birthday Lily xxx

  2. we made them out of tissue paper. We made some others too all from tissue. cheap cheap almost free.

  3. Happy 13th birthday Lily! Looks like you had a fun and fabulous party!

  4. I behind on blog reading! Anyhow Happy, Happy 13th to Lily! You have a wonderful future ahead of you. Dawn, the advice you were given is absolutely the truth. I just love the way Rosie fit right in with the older kids.....exactly the way LiLi does.

  5. What an awesome 13th birthday! A hanging out day with friends! Love all the decorations! Happy, Happy Birthday to your amazing girl.