Thursday, June 4, 2015

rounding out the school year

Lily also had an award assembly this week and it will surprise no one that the girl cleaned house. Some of the awards were just downright annoying and pathetic, some, like the academic ones were not. If you carry the highest GPA or have achieved something at school that no one else has ever done, recognition is nice. An award for showing up, ridiculous.

Lily received another award for her participation at Duke, and then social studies, physical science, language arts, civics and a trophy for geometry. In addition was honor roll and showing up, sheesh.

I was so happy that Rosies teachers allowed her to come to
We were told we could take the kiddos home. so I did
We decided to head out together for a celebratory lunch but just as we were about to leave the school called to say Rosie wasn't feeling well. So I picked her up explained that playing hooky is illegal and to never ever do it again. (I might have put the fear of God into her) Once the lecture was over we all went out to lunch.


  1. Lily is just amazing. Truly amazing! She's got such a bright future ahead of her. It's kind of funny, but Bri's school doesn't really give any awards until 5th grade (when they graduate). They do have character breakfasts once a month and Bri got an award once for that in 1st grade, but the school doesn't give out awards. Not that I know of anyway!

  2. Lily is such a smart girl.....I can't wait to see where she goes in life.

  3. I think she should get a trophy just for turning up to geometry! Glad you all got to go for lunch.

  4. Congratulations! (And I don't blame Rosie for playing hookie at all - some memories are just worth making.