Friday, May 29, 2015

mothers day

I really don't understand why we don't honour our children on their own special day as without them we wouldn't have Mothers or Fathers day. I always want to spend Mothers day with the girls doing something that they love. It's not about me it is about them.

This year Cousin Delilah was here so she made the day especially fabulous. I asked her if she fancied a day at Pennekamp and her answer was a resounding yes. I thought we would kayak but we had a unanimous decision in favour of snorkeling. At first the little Pickle was concerned about sharks, alligators ( i organised her brain on alligators and the ocean) cuda's etc. But once we talked it through she was ready to go

There was a very strange lady taking information and money for the tour and she would only talk to my boobs or Cousin Annies Boobs. At no time did she make eye contact when she was doing intake but once she was done she looked us both in the eye and gave us a bone chilling freakish smile! Creepy. She also thought that Rosie would drown as they were calling for strong swimmers only etc etc. I know she doesn't look like she is strong but she is an ox.
After our snorkeling tour out to the reef we were nowhere near ready to head home so we found a quite little corner of the beach and hung out.
A little sustenance before the boat ride.
Not a bad view
Such a beautiful day
Rosie has a motto, similar to the scouts. Always be prepared
It is strange but somehow the photos that end up being my all time faves always include Cousin Georgette
Love this 
Because sometimes you have to fall asleep sitting up.
Poor little Pickle was exhausted from swimming with sharks. LOL

After the snorkeling we were not ready to leave so we found a corner of paradise to call our own. 

The crazy pickle and 'Her" cousin decided to swim back to shore after we found a funky little sandbar

We miss Andie a lot, a whole lot in fact. Rumour has it she is going to come back. YAY. Thank you Annie for making the day so special.


  1. What an awesome Mother's Day! I agree - Briana is the reason I am a mom and I love being with her on my mom's day. Wouldn't have it any other way! Love all the wonderful photos!

  2. P.S. Didn't you notice that I was only looking at your boobs when we met? Snort. LOL!

  3. Beautiful pics.......especially the one of all four of you. Rosie sleeping is a riot!

  4. miss falling asleep standing up is hilarious!

  5. Happy Mother's Day! In Argentina, we do have a holiday for kids, it is called "Dia del nino" (day of the child or children's day) and it is celebrated the third Sunday of every August. So now you can adopt our holiday and celebrate your girls this August 16th!