Thursday, May 28, 2015

how proud ? so proud

It is that time of year again when all the awards start to get given out at school. Ya'll know how I feel about these things.  Me, no like.

Rosie came home with an award from school for fitness. She got a gold award from the county. Girl is a natural athlete. Each night she swims for an hour and then plays footie, or dodgeball or some sort of ball game for 2 more hours whilst her sister swims. she never seems to tire. Had she not won some award for her physical prowess I would have been surprised.

Great job, sporty 
little beast
Her awards weren't over with just those, Oh no she went ahead and took 2 more, one for perfect attendance and one for her grades. And as always, that's is all I will say about them.

entering the stage and shaking hands with all the admin"
Why yes, I am a fool. I removed her name from the top ones but not this.

I thank my lucky stars for these two, particularly the one on the left (yes I know, it is wrong to have favorites)
I love them
I love her......a tonne
But wait there are still more awards. She won all sorts of ribbons on field day.
This girl is non stop action and I am so very proud of her.


  1. And so you should! She is an amazing "little" girl who has come such a long way! Way to go Rosie!

  2. Way to go Rosie!!! Wish Bri's school would give out awards once in a while. I guess they wait until 5th grade. They have an awards day for all of the graduating 5th graders.