Monday, May 25, 2015

ticking things off

Another "to do" on cousin Petunias list was to go to Wynwood and see the walls. We had gone a few years back, at night, as part of a parade. Wynwood borders one of the shadiest parts of Miami and being there at night with 2 little ones didn't bode well. Fast forward a handful of years and now it is the place to be and uber trendy and quite magnificent. Cousin Petunia had read about it on a tourist site and added it to her list. We are so glad she did.

Wynwood is an artist mecca. Every sort of studio you can imagine and it is all very hands on. Yes please do come in, do look, do feel do touch if appropriate. Amongst the studios and galleries are the walls. Literally walls that at one time were covered in graffiti art but are now adorned with the most amazing work. The gourmet food trucks are always found there and the area has an amazing vibe to it. Such a fun place. (and so much better in the day time)

Fun, happy and bright

I love this photo of us
these little notes were all over the sidewalk. This is my favourite

Entrance into the wall area
These look like stickers....such talent, everywhere
huge wall of flowers
this was in a studio within the walls
loved it, copied it in Rosies room with her little cardboard cases

lying on a huge rock looking up at the mirror
reflection of the mirror
taking it all in
the zebra crossing
a homeless man gave us all flowers
cold refreshments form the gourmet trucks
these were so good
eye catching for sure
100's of locks. reminded me of the great wall
back in the streets and all the walls are painted

i've always wondered how to get there, now I know
true dat
another reflection and a favourite photos, thanks Petunia
It was wonderful, very very hot but we counteracted that by nipping into the galleries. A hugely fun and different day. We will do it again for sure.


  1. What a cool place.....great pics! Especially the last one!

  2. All those years living in Florida and I had no idea this even existed...what an cool, artsy place! Thank you for sharing it with us all.

    1. I don't think it did when you were here Viv

  3. What an awesome place! I love finding new places to visit with Bri too. Looks amazing!

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