Sunday, June 14, 2015


It was my birthday on Friday and even though it wasn't the amazing birthday of last year, it was perfect. I've been busy with work lately, thank heavens, so I worked in the morning. In my absence they girls baked a cake, from scratch. They may have had a tiny bit of help but not much. They followed the recipe to a T. When my grandma used to make this cake it was about 3.5 inches think/high. This measured 3.5 cms in some places. Not sure what went awry.

It was fabulous  and a really wonderful surprise and if you can't tell it is filled with and covered in Nutella. Rosie may or may not have influenced that decision.

We had planned to spend the day on Sunday really celebrating but yesterday we ended up heading out for an impromptu adventure and had such a fantastic time we stayed out really late so the birthday trip is postponed until I get a free day in the week.


  1. Happy birthday! Lovely cake, I am sure it tasted wonderful!