Sunday, November 2, 2014


I'm not much of a fan of Halloween. I NEVER dress up, EVER. I think I shared that story and I don't let the kids go house to house as I don't even know my immediate neighbours after 8 years let alone the ones down the block. We like to sit outside and dish out the candy but as soon as the first scary mask comes by the girls both get terrified and that is when I turn off all the outside lights and we retreat to the safety of my bed. This year Sally and Andy were here but the masks were still scary so it was still over quite fast.

A giraffe
With long hair???
A clown
such a big personality starting to shine through

The gang. Not sure what auntie Sally was saying
Father Joe is back here visiting which is very special for us.The girls were thrilled to see him .
Sally and Andy left for a cruise today. tears from a certain child, you can guess. They will be gone all week. Sigh.


  1. Happy Halloweenie!! Love the costumes. :)

  2. How come Aunt Sally didn't dress up.....I was looking forward to a crazy creation!!!!

  3. I was so happy the girls only wanted to go to about ten houses. Surprised you don't know your neighbors. Personally, Halloween would be one holiday I would be happy they got rid of! Who needs all that candy.