Wednesday, October 29, 2014

carving pumpkins

Tonight we carved the pumpkins that we bought at the pumpkin Patch on Saturday. We drew on them, and cut their tops off and put our hands in that disgusting slime and grabbed handfuls of said slime and tossed it into a bowl. We picked out seeds. we gagged and wretched at the smell, we squirmed at the grossness of it all.

Who the hell am I kidding, I didn't touch them. I was photo taker. I detest the smelly, soggy slimy things and what's the point in having family staying if they aren't willing to roll up their sleeves.


Rosie wasn't at all fond of the experience either and had no problem voicing her opinion. Lily, on the other hand, set to and was filled with concentration and gusto.
Nasty things these pumpkins
Help from crazy Auntie Sally
Rosies first ever Jack O Lantern
That pumpkin is nearly as big as her
Yuck. Nothing else to add to that
CAS finds it very hard to to keep a straight face
Carving bats
had to bring in the pro's
My sister is so brave. I wouldn't put my hand that close to Rosie a knife
Lily's funny pumpkin
Lily's scary pumpkin
They look good but eeew. 
The girls were thrilled to have MUA and CAS here to do this with them. Little do they know they are nowhere near as happy as me about it.


  1. Love the expressions on Rosie's captured them perfectly!

  2. Rosie's face is hilarious! The pumpkins turned out great! We did our last night too. :)

  3. Looks like fun...would you mind drying out the seeds...and bring them home...I can add them to my home made bread.

  4. Love them! Now to toast those pumpkin seeds....yum.