Monday, October 27, 2014

beach bums

If you follow me on Facebook you know that my seester arrived yesterday. To say that we are happy might just be a little understated. Her and Andy are some of my most favourite peeps and having them here is wonderful.

Today we woke up late and convinced Andy to take a breath and kick back which is not an easy task. We finally left the house at 10 ish and headed to the Florida Keys, exact destination Pennekamp.

The girls wanted to kayak, I wanted to hang out with my sis, Andy wanted to do everything and we ended up all doing different things. Sally and Andy went on a glass bottom boat ride and the girls and I passed on the Kayaks due to an extremely rough tide. We had a lovely lunch, played on the beach, the girls snorkeled and we went for a walk. Much later in the afternoon Sally and Andy went on their boat ride and the girls and I went off an some adventures.

My Seester

Rosie got her first snorkel and mask today.

Silly geese

Snorkeling fool

So many Ibis would hang out right here. Every time we walked passed one would be in the bath.

So many buzzards. I love their flight patterns

lookout point

We walked for a while and discovered another beach. The girls collected sea pods and right before my eyes Lily and Andy started swashbuckling with the pods and it was hilarious.
utter madness
penny for your thoughts
Sea Foam
more foaminess
the glass bottom boat
we had such a lovely day. all days with my seester and Andy are lovely but this time is extremely special and much needed.


  1. Glad you all arrived safely and got on with the holiday running!!colin.xxxxxx

  2. Special times......have lots of fun! Make lots of memories!
    BTW....when did Lily get so tall?

  3. Looks like a beautiful day! Fun times!!