Saturday, October 25, 2014


Lily's principal is the soul reason she is still at her current school. I thank my lucky stars for her each and every day. I love the kids school and am thankful it is a teeny tiny K-8 centre and not just any K-8 centre mind you, the number one in the south.

Dr P. keeps a breast of Lily. Frequently sending home papers with her that pertain to things that Lily may be interested in. Recently she sent home a form asking if I would allow her to sit for her SAT's. I agreed and the test is coming up in a few weeks. She also pushes her to reach her full potential. Now, I'm no fool and this is public school so when Lily looks good the school looks good but Dr. P cares.

Two weeks ago she sent home an invitation to a Dade County School Board meeting/award ceremony where Lily would be receiving an award. An award for what? I had no idea. Last night was the ceremony.

We left the house quite early as I was quite sure with rush hour traffic it would take forever to get there, it didn't but once we arrived the place was a mad house. So Many People. Luckily, we had left early but for the wrong reason.  Hah.

We were separated, students receiving awards to the left, and family members centre or right. As is typical with anything to do with schools or school boards it didn't start on time, it was nearly an hour late and the board member/unpopular politician who was giving the award was even later as he got caught in traffic. Finally things got under way and the ceremony began.

Meeting the big wigs
All 4 of these kiddoes are from Lilys school. I think it is funny that Karina and Lily chose very similar dresses.
The FABULOUS Dr. P. and Lily
And of course, The Pickle, who even wore a dress for her big seester.

After the intro's were given from the presenters of the awards I still had no idea what she was getting it for. Turns out it was for, Excellence in Academics. It now resides in a drawer in her closet because you all know how quirky this child of mine is and in her mind, "she didn't earn it". It's a blanket award for nothing in particular that was given to 4 students from each school. "Dr. P just gave them my name". (when asked if she knows she wasn't chosen from the district and Dr. P. informed the same way she was, she said she didn't think so.) She wasn't ungrateful, she was thrilled to receive it but that doesn't change it's origin. Someone shoot me now!

Well done oh quirky one. I'm proud of you and your academic success and you should be too.


  1. Congratulations Lily! And you did earn it, because they carefully choose the top students in each school (not just any student). We are so very proud of you!

  2. Of course she earned it! Congrats Lily!

  3. Congratulations Lily! That is so awesome!! She totally deserves it! :)