Monday, November 3, 2014


It became very apparent yesterday that there are some things that i just do not do.

I do not ever use the car wash. I love love love washing my car. That said I hate hate hate waxing it so it has never ever been waxed. Since it has been rather warm here I haven't washed my car in weeks. If I don't do it the very first thing in the morning then I have wait until much later in the day as the sun is on the driveway and cooking my car. It was looking so shabby that I decided to run through the car wash at the gas station.

Rosie was with me. Clearly she hasn't been to the car wash very much.

excited much?
she was so happy
the whole process was mind boggling to her
Clearly the child needs to grow into her teeth. 
Now I won't be embarrased when I have to drop my car off at the valet when I'm at work. It was filthy.

I need to think of a few other mundane tasks that I do myself that I need to "get done" so that Rosie can experience them. She was delighted and it was so very entertaining.


  1. We love the car wash! You would hate living here though, we can't wash the car in winter (unless you are so rich you have a heated garage). So most cars are filthy all winter long.

  2. LOL! That is adorable! Bri loves the car wash too (we don't do it very often). Bri's face is pretty similar! ;)

  3. After waiting so long to see them I think her teeth are beautiful, just like our girl. xxx

  4. So funny that Rosie thought the car wash was the bomb. Avery cried the first time I took the car through the car wash, but I suppose she might feel differently now.