Wednesday, November 12, 2014

fun measured by laughs

On Friday evening we packed up the car and headed to Melbourne Fl. We had a destination in mind for some fun on Saturday and that was Sebastian Inlet. It is our new favourite beach, to bad it is 2.5 hrs away. We took Maisie along with us but more on that later.

The traffic heading out of Dodge was horrendous and what should have taken 2.5 hours took us 4+. But when you are with silly people, time doesn't matter. We finally checked into our hotel, called it a night and arranged to meet for breakfast.

We wasted no time heading to the inlet and the waves but once we got there we were surprised to see no one in the water as the surf was perfect. A man came over and suggested we wait a while before getting in the water as the bait fish were close to shore and many sharks had been spotted. Alrighty then!

Do you see all those fishes? Yuck
Those darn fish were riding the waves that the kids wanted to ride. Actually it was an awesome sight.
We waited for a while and headed to pier for a walk where my sister started chatting to a fisherman who said, NO sharks had been spotted that morning only barracuda. Umm, who to believe? Not that barracuda are so great but they are better than sharks.

The pier was heaving with people due to the great fishing opportunity that presented itself below.
The decision was made. We would head back to the beach and start boarding. Others were now in the water, hopefully they would be the shark bait and not us!Sally and I were chatting away when she suddenly got all faffed and tongue tied and started pointing to the water. I was able to get a couple of really quick photos of what was making her excited. It was an eagle diving into the water for a fish.
No time to focus, just click.

We headed back to the beach and saw people were starting to head into the waves. We joined them.
Look how big they are getting
loving the rough surf
Made it out alive
best $5 ever spent
MUA buried Lily and they decided it was time for a break
She adores them. 
Isn't he lovely. Early in the day there was a pelican on the beach all tied up in fishing line. A man finally caught him and untangled him and within seconds the big brown bird was flying again. 
scaring the birds
What is with them both carrying bags on the beach???
Saturday was one of the best days we have had in a really long time. sharing it with Sally and Andy was fabulous. Maisie joined us later on but seriously she needs her own post. I am so far behind on blogging. more soon.


  1. The pic of the pelican is great. I love, love, love the one of Rosie & the should get that put on canvas. Definitely a keeper!

  2. What a fun day, even if it was a bit fishy!

  3. What an awesome day! Terrific pictures!!