Friday, November 14, 2014



My sister and I always, always have fun together and laugh. a lot. Now that the girls are bigger we tell them some of the antics we got up to as children and they are shocked. This time when we discussed some of those antics even MUA was shocked. Sally has always been one to, act now and think later.

As we drove back to our hotel, from the Inlet we noticed a Hobby Lobby and Sally recalled me mentioning it. We detoured and headed for some shops. The girls had some flowers in the car and had been decorating their Auntie as I drove and once we pulled into the car park and I saw her I said, no! No. you aren't really going to wear those in your hair are you?  Silly silly me.

CUA, got out of the car with her head decorations on and started being so silly. So silly in fact that neither, Rosie, Lily, Andy nor I could breathe because we were laughing so hard. We couldn't speak we were all hysterical. Sally was gone and in her place was Maisie, a lady who appeared to have suffered a head trauma. All she could say was, Momma and occasionally string it into a sentence. She sounded just like Sally Fields in Forest Gump but was acting more like Forest himself. As we walked towards the store she kept in character and even dragged her leg. If I stopped she would sidle up so close to me that she would be nudging me with her boob. I was doubled over from laughing and everyone in the shop was looking at Maisie and her entourage.

I have no idea how she managed to do it but she stayed that way the entire time and once we got to the checkout even the girl on the register was hysterical. I still could not speak I was cracking up. Every time Andy looked at me I laughed even harder, he had taken it upon himself to be Maisies carer. The girls and I couldn't stop laughing and I am still in shock that we were not thrown out. Once in the car park we headed for Pier One next and I told Maisie she had better stop as she might knock something over! Yep, didn't work. The ladies at Pier One didn't appreciate her antics and remained very sour. Didn't stop her though, in fact I believe it might have made her worse.

When she finally hung up her Maisie hat all she said was, It was so good to see you laugh, you haven't laughed that hard since I have been her.

Meet Maisie---------------->

I love my sister dearly and hope that one day my girls will have the same relationship that we do. It took us a few years to get to this point as I was always the annoying little sister, in her eyes and she was much closer to my brother who she is only 18 months apart from in age. Both my girls adore her, Andy too and just love to here about us as kiddies and all the Big Sister stories about how she pulled rank.
I just hope Lily isn't taking notes or God help Rosie.


  1. good ol' Sally......ent she loverleee.

  2. OMG Too funny! Sally is need to laugh more!