Thursday, October 9, 2014

growing up

I deleted yesterdays post. I was angry and it was very negative. Something I have kept off of here the entire time is negativity and anger. I don't want the kids reading it when they are older so bye bye. I also believe that you get back what you put out in to the universe and I don't want THAT coming back even worse than it already is.

Moving on.

When I "discovered" that headboard for Lily it set into motion a whole chain of events that I certainly didn't see coming. At first she didn't even want a headboard (probably due to it coming off of a trash pile, hehe) then she loved it so much that she wanted to change things around in her room.

I finished painting it yesterday,  her room I mean! Damn headboard LOL.

It's the same colour but she wanted to move some shelves and then we discussed painting the shelves to add a little wow and by the time all the shelves were moved, in addition to the letters and stuff we moved for the headboard, there was so much patching to be done and touch up work and I knew the paint wouldn't match after 4 years so I just re-did the whole room. It was looking a litle shabby anyway so now it is all fresh again.

It looks a little more teenagery and a little less tween. Gulp.

Her brighter shelves. All shelves used to be the same colour as the lower wall. The noticeboard is also a re-do. It belonged to my clients daughter and was yellow and blue and said Tiffany on it.
Sock monkey collection
I just re-did that socket. Oh yes I did, the junction box had come out of the wall.. I just re did it myself yesterday.
Her medal rack that she made
The mirrors are pink and orange and the shelf is pink.
Lily is becoming quite handy. I handed her the plaster and said, get to it. She loves helping with DIY. Once it was dry she sanded it down. After the first few times she even mastered cleaning up!

A special thank you to my BIL Andy for sending me home from England with raw plugs and drill bits and to my daddy for kitting me out with some tools. Between the 2 of them the job was easy.


  1. creative...very creative........glad ur in a better place.col.xx

  2. I didn't see the post, but girl, whatever it was, I am glad you got it off your chest! Lily's room looks so grown up now, sigh.

  3. Love it! Also love that Lily helped you....she will appreciate having those skills later. Kudos to you both!

  4. The room looks amazing! Great job! (Dont' worry about venting - I've done it before. I've written posts and deleted them before publishing. It happens.)