Sunday, October 5, 2014

swam it like a boss

yesterday is nothing but a memory. Only Lily swam today, Rosie was only signed up for yesterday. Lily's events were all sprints, not her faves but easy, that's for sure. I was a little nervouse for my girl in her first event. One of 2 things were going to happen (a) she would swim it like she owns the pool or (b) she would be so rattled from yesterday that she would choke. Choking is what she does. Hah, she swam it like a boss and it was backstroke which she hates.

Her arms/hands always make me giggle. sort of looks like she is trying to make shadow puppets
More shadow puppets or making a left hand turn
Rosie decided to take a ball with her and shoot some hoops in between Lil's events.
We finally had a slight chill in the air today so someone had to borrow a sweatshirt at the meet as she didn't take one even though the Mummy said, grab a jacket, it's chilly.
air time
so close. She actually scored quite a few baskets, she amazes me with her althletic-ness. Is that even a word?
Lilys next event was the 100m breast and she had to kick it up a notch as this was the only event she was missing a JO. She isn't anymore
Her final event was fly and fly she did.
Fly like a butterfly
sting like a bee.
And.....we were home before noon!