Saturday, October 4, 2014

murphys law swim meet

the girlies had a meet today and it didn't start off well, go well or end well. I awoke at 3.22 with a migraine from hell. I was in agony and since I woke up with it I knew nothing was going to kick it to the curb except time. Time however was the one thing I didn't have. As I lay on the bathroom floor pleading with the clock to slow down so that I would be able to get 2 hours of solid sleep before getting up , I knew I was losing the battle.

I got the girls up at 5.45 and was tempted to tell them we couldn't go but instead mustered every ounce of strength and loaded them into the car. I've always known this day would come when we needed to be at a meet but I was crippled by my head and I always wondered how it would unfold.

It goes like this: we drive in silence in a frigid car with me groaning every single time a car passes in the other direction with it's lights on. We arrive at the meet and I grunt and feebly wave my hands towards the stuff so the girls will deal with it. I take the tent as it is way to heavy for them, all the time cursing at myself for being the idiot who volunteered to set it up this time. Finally everything is set up and I sit down. NEVER HAPPENED EVER BEFORE. I never even take a chair to a meet, I don't sit. And there I stayed until one of the kids swam. I walked back to the car and downed a another handful pain pills but expected no relief. I need freezing cold temperatures, complete silence and at least an hours worth on uninterrupted sleep. It was 90+ degrees at a meet with screaming fans. Urghh.

Rosie swam well, right off the bat but Lily was having an off day. She swam like it was our backyard pool and she was having fun. Coach was not happy, I was surprised at her reaction: but Mummy I thought I had done so well I shaved 6 seconds off??? She thought she did a lot better than she did.

Her next race was another 500m. Event number 15. We were on event 12 when we were informed there were no 13 or 14 it was her up next. She ran to the block and was of course flustered and for some reason, and I have no idea why she did this, she asked someone to cap her. She ALWAYS puts on her oon cap. By lap 9 her cap was gone, sinking to the bottom of the pool. All her hair was suddenly unleashed and her momentum and rhythm lost. Her whole body changed and I knew she was done for.

Coach talked to her and she said she sorry for disappointing him. I think she disappointed herself, not him.

Tomorrow we go back again and 2 things can happen, one, it will be a replica of today or 2, it will be a banner day. I'm going with a banner day.

It takes a bad day or two to make you appreciate all the good things in life. Sometimes we just need to be reminded.

Rosie, 100 IM
Rosie again, still in IM
wearing her parka in 90 degrees. ???
Obligatory goggle fiddle
Fly baby, fly
this is now my new favoourite thing to photograph, the splash during butterfly.
I see you

I loved what was written on this mans shirt.
My head is still very iffy. I'm hoping for a quiet night and a good start to the day.


  1. Sorry to hear that you were so sick and that Lily had an off day. Bri and her soccer team had an off day too. It is the first time they lost a game all season. Bri doesn't like losing at all. But, it is character building I suppose. I told her even the best teams lose sometimes. She had to suck it up, go into the next game and play better than the first game. And she did. :) Hope your girls have a great day tomorrow - and hope you feel better too!

  2. what a shame you all have to get up so ridiculously early.....feel for all of you doing this all the time.!!!! colinxx

  3. Wow bad day! Hope tomorrow goes better.. Especially for you:)

  4. Days like this make us appreciate the good days even more. Hoping you are feeling better. I know the girls are champs and will continue stronger.