Sunday, October 12, 2014

ode to uncle john............

..........and a little bit of daddy.

My uncle John never threw ANYTHING away. EVER.
He taught me many many things in life but possibly the most important thing I learnt from him and I only realised this as an adult, was this: you can do anything you want in life and be called eccentric if you have the right surname and a little money but if you don't have those things you are a social outcast.  That man marched to the beat of his own drum and everyone loved him. He got away with things that no one else could. When I say he never threw anything away, I mean other than actual rubbish. He saved everything. Think, 500 bike wheels, kind of saved everything.

My Father swears he isn't like him but he is, a little bit. Walk into his workshop and you can find anything that you need for any project and eleventy billion other things too. I am the exact opposite, i HATE stuff, HATE IT. I have a sort out twice a year and purge any extraneous items.

So what has happened to me recently that I have started dumpster diving? Holy sh*t it's in my genes. I'm doomed. I need a 12 step program. But it is going to be hard to stop and join a 12 step program when I see something as ugly as these windows......

and realise that with a little hard work they can be tranformed.

I knew the second I saw them sitting in the trash that they would be fabulous and now they are. A friend of mine is going to take some photos of the girls and I just for these frames.

If I was going to use these pictures I would have used the word school and not family.

Do you like them big brother? You said you were waiting to pass judgement.
Oh and I found the hardware, I had put it on my desk with the monthly bill paying stuff.

Option 1
Option 2 and how I plan to use them. Obviously these are not hung yet. 
I actually sold my first piece of wood work the other day. Who would have thunk!

I saw a chair this morning whilst the kids and I were out walking and collecting wood but I think it might actually have belonged to the house it was at so I left it. It would be embarrassing if I got arrested for stealing. LOL . But I instantly had brilliant ideas for said chair that involved polka dots.


  1. Replies
    1. Kathy,
      if I did sell it, it would have to local cos of the weight of it and it is pretty fragile. The glass slides aroundin a couple of the frames. I did some repair work on it but I like the fact that it is not perfect.

  2. Yo. I would hate to have to pass judgement......but I think they are great.col.xx

  3. Love them!! I think I like the second option. I think! I'll be back for a second look!

  4. I am not surprised that you sold your woodwork - if we lived closer I would so hire you to be my interior decorator! Absolutely LOVE the new windows, I would never have guessed what you were going to do with them (I was thinking you were going to turn them into furniture).