Thursday, October 16, 2014


I took the girls to the pumpkin patch. I wondered if Lily would want to go this year what with being 12 and all but she did. We only have one patch around here and it isn't ever so spectacular because, obviously the pumpkins are shipped in but it signifies that Autumn is here and it is fun to see so we go every single year. It would be extra fun if the temps were not in the 90's still and it actually felt like autumn but whatever, beggars can't be choosers. If the calender says it's Fall, then it must be true.

Happy girls.
I love Pumpkin Patch photos, I have no idea why I just do. I might take rather a lot.
Aha, proof that I take too many. Someone is done.
and once things headed sound it was impossible to head it all back in the right direction.

 I took a few photos sans kiddies

That lady is Rosies teachers mum. Small world. 
So pretty
bad case of warts.
So then it was back to focusing on the kiddies.
things got better for a second
but not for long. Funny funny girls.
And then this conversation took place:
C'mon Rosie lets go and choose a pumpkin to take home.
Umm, did you guys bring money cos I forgot.
Mum, who forgets to bring money to the pumpkin patch?
That would be me cos I think of it as a place to take pictures. Anyway if we buy it now it will be cooked by the temperatures and rotten by Halloween. Lets come back next week. It will smell really bad.
Oh okay, good idea.

Phew., luckily for me I have a logical child because who the heck forgets to take money to the Pumpkin Patch? Luckily it is only 3 minutes from the house. I don't really want a nasty slimy pumpkin I have a fake one from Michael's that is fabby.


  1. Maybe next time you can get a job like being their official photographer & earn your pumpkins????? Great pics! Love Lily's hair....tell her to quit looking so grownup!

  2. I don't know if it's the angle, but in that first picture Lily looks way older than 12! She also looks really tall (very leggy). And I am all of a sudden feeling very short and very old. ;) Love the pictures!

    1. Viv,
      Lily is 5ft exactly. I am 5ft 2. This is getting very worrying. And because she has such big feet if she goes on tiptoes she towers above me. LOL She is so girly and with her long legs she often looks older than she is in photos but have no fear she it still a little girls (occasionally)