Thursday, May 22, 2014

national junior honor society

Last night Lily was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. All I knew about it was this, Mummy it is going to be very fancy, I have to wear a fancy dress and so do you. Okay then, fancy it is. Which one of us was going to break that news to Rosie, oh that was going to be me.
So we got all fancy schmancy and headed off to the induction ceremony.

Oh my.
that is Rosie, yes.
Wow, these gorgeous girls are mine.
see, I do wear a dress on occasion.
Once at the hall Lily took off with off the other inductees and Rosie and I made our way to our seats. Everything looked so nice and no detail had been missed. The local high schools Colour Guard marched them in and the pomp and circumstance was set.

Mr Robinson (asst Principal and wonderful man) followed the Colour Guard
Here she comes
The kiddies were called up on stage one by one to light a candle, they then walked off of the stage and took a position on the floor whilst holding said candle. Guess whose candle blew out?
aww shucks.
thank heavens for good friends like Mark, who kept his composure
well kinda. I love his grin.
finally, she's got it together.

Nest the kids had to go back up on stage, greet all of the members of the teaching staff that are part of the NJHS and then walk to get the their certificates.
All of these teachers are truly truly caring and wonderful people. I appreciate every one of them that is pictured. (hah)
accpeting her certificate
It's official she is one of the elite few....or so they say.
But wait, theres another one.
I am very proud of you Lily and I know you can fulfill the requirments of the NJHS.
Lily was in her element from the very second she found out it was a dressy event. She shot into her closet and started pulling dresses out to try on. Luckily for her she has all the dresses that my Sista from another Mista's girls have out grown. She narrowed it down to 2 and then chose this one. I posted a photo of both kidlets on Facebook as we left the house and received a comment that caught me off guard cos it mentioned Lily looking s*xy. Umm, hello, that isn't a look that is a state of mind and one that Lily doesn't have yet, she is 11. She is a girly girl who loves to dress up. It's a pretty dress and a pretty grown up looking one but she will be 12 in a couple of weeks. She can't pull of the little girl dresses anymore and she no longer likes them. I don't mind her getting dressed up and for the most part she is a casual kid due to where we live but even in shorts she wears them well, it's just who she is. She is a clothes horse. If you see her in person she still looks like a kid. So let her wear her girly dresses and be all girly but don't label her please.


  1. She looks absolutely beautiful & I love the dress! Even more I love seeing Rosie in a dress....adorable!

    Oh yea you too!

  2. Am very proud of them.colin.xx

  3. Love, love, love this post and the pictures!!! Congratulations Lily, proud sister Rosie and coach Mommy!

  4. It's fantastic how both those girls are made you so proud xxx They are beautiful x