Friday, May 23, 2014

thinking outside the lines

My girls are very different, (you can thank me for pointing out the obvious later) in every aspect of their lives. Every so often Rosie brings home from school the dreaded, "D" folder, only we don't call it that, we sort of giggle at the "D", look at the work, I sign the letter that accompanies the floder and send it on it's merry way. If I make to much of a fuss, Rosie will go into full blown panic mode when she gets a test and freeze so I have to play it down. If it is her mistake we work it through together and scoff it off.

I was starting to get really really worried about the amount of times it had accompanied her home and sent an email to her teacher. She responded in record time, cos that is how her school rolls, and told me it isn't Rosie but the new grading system and test structure that has just been put into place. They are now testing them on inference.  Oh cos that makes a tonne of sense, test them on something that isn't actually there. Yippee.

On Wednesday the folder made an appearance again. I told her I would be disappointed if she had blown a question because she was rushing or being lazy but if it was a genuine mistake, NO BIG DEALIO.

Take a little look and read this passage:

Now read question one: What did Stew Have?
Rosies answer was: Stew got a blue bruise.. Her teacher wrote and circled the correct answer, New car. In her mind the words got and had are interchangeable. I laughed my freaking arse off. It doesn't say he had a new car, verbatim, it says his new car got stuck in the mud, it does however say he got a bruise. I think it is a correct answer and a very funny one.

 Then the correct answer to 4 is hurt, well her answer is: Stews, arms felt tiyed (tired) after pushin the car. ROFL She inferred his arm would be tired after pushing a car...mine would be too. I'm not upset I actually think it is funny. I gave her a kiss, told her I would give her an "A" signed my name and we moved on. She'll get there.


  1. Love it! Why in the world would they use the name "Stew"??? No wonder Rosie was can a chunk of meat have a new car!!!!

  2. Personally I would have answered the questions just like Rosie did. I give her an A too!