Saturday, May 24, 2014

no words

I didn't mention anything about this because it seemed rather braggy and as much as I love my girls and am extremely proud of them, I try not to brag when they do something outstanding. On the occasion that I do I usually swirl in a good amount of sarcasm to water down the syrupy sugary stuff.

Both of the girls are members of USA Swimming. Our swim team, like most, is affiliated with it. We belong to Flying Fish, who in turn is under Florida Gold Coast Swimming who in turn answer directly to USA Swimming. We have to answer directly to USA Swimming also but that is the chain of command.

Just as it sounds, USA is the governing body for all the rules, times, laws etc etc. (and boy do I know that for a fact, I'm trying to learn them all).

At the meet last Sunday morning I was informed that Rosie has managed to get ranked 7th in the State of Florida for the 100m freestyle in her age group. That people is pretty darned impressive. Florida is a big State and we have a tonne of swim teams due to our weather. The Little Pickle was completely oblivious to what this meant, thanked Coach Pedro and went on to swim like a champ again that day. I was tickled pink for her.

This morning I was at practice with the girls and Big Boss Man Coach called me over. He had something to tell me: Rosie is ranked 14 in the USA in the 50 m breaststroke, in her age group. I looked at him and asked if he said, USA, cos I wasn't sure if he meant to say that. He said, Listen to me carefully. He repeated himself.

Holy swimsuits Batman!!!

I think I said something very official sounding, probably, Wow. He then asked me if I knew what it meant. I told him, It must mean she is quite good. He said to be ranked that high at this age in a country this big is huge. She is that good. He then went on a bit about this and that and how BOTH of my girls have a chance of making their dreams happen in this sport. He knows what their dreams are. Rosie has an excellent shot.

I'm shocked. She went from wind up bath toy to, 14 in the freaking country overnight.
I'm really glad she doesn't "get it" it will keep the pressure off of her and the fun in it.

I'd better get used to the smell of chlorine, it's not going anywhere for a while.


  1. far has that "little pickle" come in her life! You are so right in keeping it fun!

    PS. Did you get your swim cap yet? I'm waiting to see you in it!

  2. That is SO impressive! I believe you have two Olympic swimmers on your hands!!! :)

  3. give her a big hug from me.xxxxx

  4. I fully expect to see them both in the Olympics some day. How very awesome! Congrats to Rosie!