Monday, May 26, 2014

lets let them get a big head shall we

Last week the girls bought home from school a letter congratulating them for an entire school year of perfect attendance, no early dismissals and no tardies. In recognition of this expected behaviour outstanding performance, they were being taken out to a special luncheon at Chilli's Restaurant.

I mentioned on Facebook that it was rather ironic that the day of the lunch was May 29 and they would be missing school that day in order to fly down to Jamaica to participate in a swim meet that they have both qualified for. Not only ironic but also a little embarrassing. The following day I went to the office and handed in letters to their teachers from their swim Coach explaining the absence on that day and excusing them from the luncheon.

At pick up that afternoon, Mr Robinson, the asst principal came to my car window and said he had heard some sad news. I asked him what, and he said, I heard that your girls won't be at the luncheon. I smiled sheepishly and apologised. He said the school was very proud of them and that they must go and deserved to go. My phone rang the following day and it was his secretary informing me that he was trying to change the date so that the girls could be included. I was shocked, I got goosebumps and immediately said it wasn't necessary, that it was so so kind of him but he really didn't need to. She said he insisted.

On Friday the girls bought this paper home.

What a school. What a man. What an honor. How humbling to be thought of so highly.
They better not let it go to their heads. And even more ironic was when Mr. Robinsons secretary rang to tell me he was trying to change the date, I was in the card shop buying him a thank you card for being such a fabulous, caring, stick to the rules, asst principal.

 I absolutey love the school my girls are in. They aren't just numbers they are people, girls with an identity.


  1. Oh wow, I got goose bumps. That is absolutely wonderful! So glad the girls won't miss the luncheon. What an awesome school. :)

  2. I want my kids to go to a school like that!