Sunday, May 18, 2014

session 2 of sister act

Today was really just an encore performance for my girls. I don't know what they are sneaking when I am not looking but I think it might be rocket fuel. Both of them swam really well, Rosie took first place in all her heats, managed another "B" time, Lily accomplished another "A" time and 2 more JO's, which are no longer impressing her, she is after the "A"s all the way. Mind you when it is time for the JO's next year and she is slated to be in the top 10 and first in some it will be a whole different story I am sure.

Instead of the usual photos I took videos as well. If you are a Facebook friend you have already seen them. sorry.

I videoed Lilys first event and had no idea when i pulled out the camera that it was going to be such an amazing race for her. She really did well. Her coach congratulated me when she was done and I gave him a puzzled look. I told him, I take no credit for the girls swimming at all, it's all them and him, I play no part in this at all. I am extremely proud of their hardwork and dedication, end of story.

Next up it was Rosies turn to swim the 50 metre back. I wanted to tape her but wanted photos of her start. so, there is a 19 second video after these 2 shots.

on your marks

 She swam so fast. I mean really fast. small but mighty this one.

 The difference in her swimming in 2 days with this new coach is insane. I thanked him so much today. I love this guy...please make him stay, please make him stay. Coach Andrew is a great Coach and we have a great team so there isn't any reason why he wouldn't.

Moving on.

I was waiting for Lily to start a race and I glanced across the pool at Rosie and saw that she was nervous for her sister. How sweet is that?

Nervous Nelly

She didn't need to be, Lily was swimming Fly and swam it like she was the boss. again.

Lily trains with the elite team even though she isn't 13 but when she enters meets she has no choice but to swim in her age group unless their is an open heat, like yesterday. Today she was entered in 4 heats cos her Coach forgets she is only 11. Thankfully Coach Andrew realised after 2 heats that she shouldn't have 2 left and asked her to quickly decided which one she wanted to pull out of so she wouldn't get disqualified. She made a fast decision and carried on. She pulled out of the 50 free and went for the 100 breast.

It was her last event and by this time the rest of the team had arrived for the later session. Her friends were gathered at the end of the pool to cheer her on along with Ro and I. Coach Vlad tapped me on the shoulder and said Hi and asked where she was and I pointed to her lane. He disappeared. As the heats counted down I was suprised that she wasnt getting closer to the block, but still talking. The girls started yelling her name but 50 meters is a long way to yell. She was heat 4 and they were on heat 3 and she was still talking. Annabelle started to run down the pool deck but lily heard her name and looked up so Annabelle came back. Lily continued to talk. That was it, Lily was going to talk her way through this event. I grabbed my camera, held it tight and sprinted though the crowd. I passed her coach and made it to her. She was talking to a lady so the urge to wring her neck had to be quelled

Me: get on the block
Lil: I'm in heat 4
Me: this is heat 4
(starter whistle)
Lily dives onto the block and Dawn sprints back to the other end of the pool...(like a ninja, okay so the ninja part is made up, but I did sprint). I ran past Coach Vlad who was on his way to get her and yelled, she's there and resumed my position at the end of the pool.

By time I got the camera out and ready to go Lily was on top of me. She was either doing really well or really badly, I had no idea, I was not looking in the other lanes. She flipped and headed back down. The girls were screaming. As she got towards the end I put camera down and reached for my paper. She was in first place and finished with a JO cut. UNBELIEVABLE! My hands were shaking! I looked over at the coaches and they were laughing. I had to walk passed them to get to Lily and the commented that she did it. I asked Vlad if he was going to bop her upside the head or if I should. He said, nah, she got a JO anyway.

She strolled up, looking proud yet sheepish. I asked her what she was dling back there and she said...........................I was helping a lady with her shopping, she had a catalogue! I wonder if it had shoes in it?
The coaches typically do not nudge the kids if they are about to miss a heat, it's al on them. Why Vlad chose to race to the block I don't know. It was sweet of him, but this mama's got it covered, well this time at least.

This is what sheepish looks like!
The girls have 9 days of very hard training coming up because their next meet is a big one and involves passports.


  1. They are awesome! Where is the next one?

  2. love you both well well well done xxxx CAS

  3. Were there any other swimmers in Rosie's heat? Or was she just that far ahead? Didn't see any other girls. Love the photos of her start. Lily has good endurance and a good stroke and kick. The other girls seemed to tire out as the race progressed. Nice seeing them swim. Good luck in Jamaica!!

  4. Awesome!!! I am rooting for you girls!