Sunday, April 23, 2017

more learning

I might be an over thinker when it comes to some things and the dog is on the top of the list. This trait can make things overly complicated. Things were going swimmingly and then we hit a snag so I called the rescue and we all got some much needed training.  Luna went to "doggy jail" for a few days and we went to boot camp.

Things have gone swimmingly since her return. I am the boss and she is, after all, a dog.

We have met dogs in the neighbourhood and thankfully she ignores them, every last one. Yesterday some man with a fluff ball decided to push his luck, and even though I said she is very timid and doesn't really care for animals he knew best and marched up OUR driveway with his fluff ball. He then allowed his dog to sniff her and push her buttons. she backed away and I followed her. Luna at that point showed that she has mouth full of teeth and snarled at the dog. He still didn't flinch. You can't fix stupid. This is a prey dog, trained to hunt small things! 

Yesterday we went on a grey-date, it's a play date for greyhounds. As absurd as this sound, hounds only recognise other hounds. They have only ever lived in a kennel with 50-60 of them and have never seen other breeds. On our first trip to the vet she sat shaking at my feet surrounded by other nosey dogs and some free roaming cats, she hated it but as we left the exam room she saw another greyhound and gleefully trotted up to him as he cowered in the corner and they became stuck to each other.

Her first meeting with her new friend went exactly the same. Leslie and her dog, Fave, wandered in to a very secluded park that she told us about and the dogs were instant friends. It's very odd and quite amusing, who knew a dog could be a breed snob.

Luna and Rosie running ahead to check that the gates were closed so that the leashes could be taken off.
Why are we standing here doing nothing?
Fave. he is huge and so gentle
and that was that, fast friends
a walk to get things started
Now that I know I'm not the boss I don't even try to boss around my dog friends. 
I'm cute and very pretty.


  1. Oh that so important lesson that you have to be the alpha when it comes to dogs! That it so funny that greyhounds are breed snobs but it makes sense when you think about it! We had a greyhound when we were kids, if you can picture a greyhound living on a farm! One of the things I remember is the greyhound would chase a rabbit across the field & my little mutt would be 50 yards behind trying to catch up!

  2. She is just beautiful! I'm so happy she has a new friend. :) I'm a cat girl, so I really know very little about dogs. I had a dog growing up, but my parents really didn't do the right things for her. We never had her trained and boy she needed it because she was a spaz! LOL! Sounds like you are on the right track with Luna!