Saturday, April 8, 2017

learning how to dog

I haven't had a dog since I was 16 ~ in case you aren't aware, that was quite some time ago. My parents had one after that but I had already moved away and I wasn't very fond of him since he growled the first time we met. I have managed to forget all the important stuff, like nail clipping, bathing, flea and tick control, heart worm meds, so much so that I am sure that we didn't do any of this. Lily informs me I must be wrong. Note to self, ask the daddio. I know they went to the vet regularly or the vet would come to us, I also know they were very well cared for so Lily is probably right.

This past fortnight has been one of lots of learning, specifically learning about greyhounds, who are, without a shadow of a doubt, quite unique and very very comical.

Luna doesn't like to walk, she really doesn't. I have been on forum after forum reading about this and all I can do is throw my hands in the air and say, when she is ready she will but in the meantime she keeps freezing. I have better luck than Lily as I just take my phone with me and give myself plenty P L E N T Y of time. When she freezes I read and then she gets bored so off we go, sometimes only 2 steps.

This was this morning. I think the entire neighbourood heard our laughter.
Lily hid her face as if you wouldn't know it was her.
I can't even look without laughing. Don't you just love how Luna is all relaxed? Rosie is in her jammies as it was very early when we left but then the sun came up. oh my.
The first time I picked her up she went as stiff as a board and it was like carrying a baby giraffe but after a second, or two, she decided it was lovely and she went all limp. Another note to self: dog is nuts.

This conversation was overheard by yours truly.

Child L: I'm going to check her for ticks.
Me: she is up to date on all her meds;
Child L: OMG I've found a tick, I've found a tick.
Child R: urghh That's not a tick that's her nipple!!!
Child L: oh, no wonder she was so resistant to me pulling it off.
Me: OMG you tried to pull her nipple off?
Child R: Yeap.
She wasn't injured, just her dignity. I gave child L an anatomy lesson and saved her from phantom tick scares.

Luna had her first vet visit this week and she is up to date on everything, they took out her dissolving stitches cos they hadn't dissolved and gave her a clean bill of health. She is much to skinny as she is still at her racing weight so at 4 yrs old she is on puppy chow as it is very high in calories.

She also had her her first bath and I can't say she was overly impressed.

Please excuse the old gate in the background I need to get to the tip
Why are you doing this to me?
I repeat, why are you doing this?
Oh my look at that fancy new gate that I BUILT...yes I did!
those eyes melt hearts
She appears to be getting smaller by the second, maybe she shrank!
Lily is so good with her, Rosie too but Lily is bossy so Ro got to hold the lead
And here are some random photos cos I like them.
always sleeping
furry little toes
Lily calls her Pirate due to her snaggle toof
Nice and clean after her bath and looking playful
Those ears! I call them her play ears. 
When she has a mad five minutes you better watch out cos she hauls arse around here, Lily calls it the zoomies, I call it time to dive for cover. She reminds me, in many ways, of the Weimeraner we had when I was growing up, she was my favourite favourite dog.

Tonight the girls are at their dads and someone isn't going to bed, she is keeping a vigil, I fear this is going to be a VERY long night.


  1. It is 4:00am & I am laughing so hard at this post trying not to wake up Popster! Luna being carried...let me tell you that dog is playing you guys & it' working! Hahaha! The nipple.....been there, done that! The second from last pic is gorgeous! The zoomies.....used to get Molly in trouble in dog school. She saves them now for when we hiking or in the park....I call them "doggy happiness" Makes my heart smile to see how much you're all enjoying her.

  2. She is the cutest, sweetest dog ever! And she has the perfect family now! So happy you all found each other.