Saturday, March 11, 2017

strawberry fields forever

Just a quick jaunt up the road we have a, You Pick, farm. When the girls were little we used to go quite often but now, well now I never go. When you consider that one of Rosies 2 food groups is strawberries it isn't very nice of me.

On Saturday when I got home from work I said we lets go. The homeschooler was not interested as she had self imposed lessons to do but the Pickle was interested and couldn't wait.

When we arrived and went to the little shack the lady listed a ton of veggies we could pick but didn't mention strawberries. I asked if she had them and her response was, not many but you can see what you can find and then she looked at Rosie and told her to eat as many as she wanted.

We walked to the far edges of the field and started weaving amongst the plants and truly, there was nothing.. But we came to pick strawbs and that was what Rosie was going to do. We figured out quickly that the little sparse looking plants were the ones that no one went to so we did and managed to fill a little container with what turned out to be the most sour berries ever.  But we didn't care it was fun.
so many lush healthy plants
so few berries
it was a gorgeous day to be outside and it wasn't too peopley !
looks good enough to eat but what's the old adage, oh yes, looks can be deceiving, hah.
you can also pick flowers there, sunflowers or Henry Bada Bada's (snapdragons) we choose Henry Bada Bada's

When I paid for our pickings the lady said come back after March 15th we'll have loads of strawberries then. OK we will.

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  1. Oh I am so jealous.....the weather here is frightful 6 degs, feels like -7!!! Big storm coming Tues! Baawaa! Love the snap dragons!