Tuesday, March 21, 2017

migraine ~ *edited*

Sorry I didn't really mean to go AWOL but I got walloped by what I will call one of the worst migraines of my life. Yes really. Yes.

I have been doing so well, I went almost 8 weeks,  E I G H T  whole weeks. That even included a menstrual cycle and I remained migraine free but then just as I thought I had a handle on them and just when I stated out loud to my seester what was going on I got knocked on my arse.

I was talking with a client who is a pediatrician, our pediatrician and I asked her, how her sons migraines were and she said much better. She orders this stuff from Amazon for him and it has not only cut down on the frequency but also the intensity.

I jumped on it.

And then I decided to go digging and what I found was alarming. This country doesn't tell the truth, not even a tiny bit, on it's food labels and it doesn't have to. Seriously, WTH?

I would wake up almost daily with a migraine, ( I call them headaches when I refer to them cos migraine sounds so dramatic, even though they are ) but some days I could knock it out with just 3 over the counter acetaminophen but sometimes it needed more. Sometimes I would wait and see if it would go but that's not the best way of dealing with them as they need to be treated at the onset. Treating at the onset is hard when you wake up with it cos you don't know how long you have had it. Sometimes I'd get up at 1, or 2, or 3 and take meds.

Almost every single night I would have an Edys Outshine bar, a tangerine one.

NO artificial flavours or colours. I cry bullsh*t
Lets look at the ingredients.........

Looks good right?
 Not so fast. Do you see that "turmeric oleoresin color", it's the very last ingredient. It sounds good right with the turmeric, everyone knows how popular turmeric is now and how we should all take it daily for optimum health.

It's total crap.
 No, I am not into essential oils AT ALL in fact quite the opposite but it states it clearly here and the other website that made me say, Oh shit, was this:


So I started to dig and really dig and research a lot more about migraines than ever before. I have always steered clear and steered the girlies clear of food colouring, it is my personal belief that stuff is off the devil. Red and blue need to be outlawed but it isn't going to help.

Sorry if this is boring....just skip to the end and I'll see you tomorrow.

So as I was fishing about I found this

and looky here!!!!!

Yellow food colouring.

Oleoresin is  given an E number, it becomes an artificial food colouring. Read about E numbers here.

All of that up there to say: I stopped eating them immediately and guess what? Yes, indeedy the daily headaches were gone. I am not waking up with one every effing day.

I added  Migrelief,  and vitamin B12 to my diet and I was doing swimmingly, I haven't had a stretch like this in years but then last Wednesday night I got smacked hard and for 5 days nothing would get rid of it for more than 4 hours. The pain was horrendous, my eyes teared, my speech slurred and frankly I would have been happy if the angel of death had visited.

These vitamins and minerals take 90 days to build up in your system so obviously they haven't had a chance yet.
I will not back down but I think I will do all the ingredients in the migrelief independently as opposed to premixed and I will follow Dr. Weils advice and take a lot, a really really huge amount of riboflavin.

the poisoning doesn't stop at yellow. It's bad bad stuff.

 But try this stuff, you have nothing to lose, only crippling pain. I'll keep you updated.

This post is long and I am still wary of staring at the screen for too long so I am going to hit publish.

*update* Hard to believe after all that writing that I failed to say what my new daily preventatives are.
vitamin b12
and a "good" probiotic.
Best of luck to all

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  1. Who would have thought something like this that clearly states no artificial color or flavor could be the culprit. I will pass this info on to the girl I work with who has terrible migraines.