Friday, March 3, 2017


It happens every Saturday when she works, she calls and says I'm sending a photo, PLEASE MUMMY, PLEASE.

She didn't even send me a text she just showed her to me when I picked her up and I agreed she was sweet and gentle. the end. but not so fast.

Stella had a potential family coming to see her the following week they were 4 hours to meet her. In the meantime I had a greed to become a foster family for the rescue. The potential family decided they were not a match and the rescue called us to foster her.

OMG. the girls were beside themselves, I was ready yet a tad apprehensive. I have been giving some serious thought to a dog lately for many reasons and ones that I am not willing to get into here.

this was at the hand off in the pet shop.
this was her selfie when we got home
She loved her little monkey
Stella's foster family photo
those huge feet were constantly sweating
She was 11 months old and a wire haired terrier mix. A complete softie and quite bonkers HOWEVER, Stella didn't pee. In 3 days she peed twice. We walked and walked miles with her and she would sniff and carry on but nothing. On night number 2, I got up at one, two, three and finally at four she peed.

When I addressed the issue with dog people they said it wasn't normal if she was drinking, and she was, A LOT. The rescue lady on the other hand said I was neurotic and making Stella that way. Stella went back to the rescue and the girls and I are a little upset about the entire thing.

If you have an opinion leave it here, it might help for next time.


  1. First of all Stella is adorable.....I love that face. I don't care what they told you this can happen & you were not being neurotic! It happened with us with fact she can go hours without peeing(wish I could be that way:)!). Happened with Jessie's new puppy, with Mark & Dani's new puppy. My opinion is a dog will get stressed in a new situation & that's their way of reacting to it. I feel so bad that this happened to you & the girls. Next time feel free to message me anytime & I will do my best to help.

  2. The rescue lady said you were neurotic? Are you serious? What a mean person. Peeing twice in three days isn't normal for sure. If anything, I have found that excited and nervous dogs usually tinkle more. It is possible that she was just nervous about being in a new situation though. I cannot believe the rescue lady blamed you. Ugh.