Thursday, February 2, 2017

take your child to work day

Thursday was take your child to work day. Since Andie was here and the big one is home schooled I decided that I wasn't working and we should seek adventure. So we did.

Rosie had mentioned going kayaking with Annie for her birthday and I was on board with it. Since we all love Pennekamp that is where we headed again. I wasn't sure if Annie had kayaked but she is very fit and it's not like kayaking is difficult, fortunately she had. (and she showed up her prowess ~not so much)

Rosie, apparently, was convinced she needed a lot of mossie protection, especially on her right side.
heading out, Rosie up front and doing well
these two.....they make me happy the way they carry on
things we still going well.
all smiles and still dry
egads this is a dreadful picture
We had kayaked the long trail and it was such a glorious day that we decided to carry on for a bit and head to the kayak beach where we would get out. The above photos were us there. We chatted had a drink laughed etc and then, THEN it was time to carry on. Rosie and I got in first and then Annie went to get in but.................she capsized the kayak and went straight in the drink. Rosie was in uncontrollable fits of laughter, she couldn't stop. I suddenly remembered to grab the camera and Lily just appeared shell shocked that anyone could fall out of a kayak while getting in. It was a classic moment.

we all stood in the water watching this fish and then after it left we decided to do the same

and that's when it all went wrong...for one
I didn't catch her going in but this is her getting out
soaked and laughing so hard
oh my goodness
almost back to dry land...almost. thankfully someone was there to lend a helping hand.
It took a little explaining as to why, when the kayak was capsized that only one occupant was drenched. 
We couldn't possibly just leave so we spent a lovely afternoon wandering and seeing.

The mermaid of Copenhagen...well not quite
this is a new piece of signage and not a welcome one
Andrea, AKA, cousin Andie or Annie or Cousin Annie
Shut the front door! What is this, I'm sure he eats people.
Before leaving Key Largo we stopped Shell World.
It was a wonderful day and a birthday that I know Rosie will cherish.

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  1. This looks like so much fun......I'm jealous! Although I'm with Annie as I could totally do fact I know I can!!!!!!