Tuesday, January 31, 2017

phabulous phun

It seems like forever ago that I drove to Orlando to meet up with a family I had never met but felt that I knew like an old friend. They were the parents of a baby girl and I was the parent of 2 littles. Hah, how things have changed so much in fact but not the bond.

Many months ago I received a message from Doris saying they would be in town blah blah and would I like to meet up. Umm, YES.  I paid no mind to the dates as they were months and months away but as time does, it charged forward and here we are.

Cousin Annie/Andie is also here and many moons ago she followed the blog and the 4 D's recognised her from mine so it a fabulous time of old friends getting reacquainted.

After somewhat of a hiccupy start we all met at the house and the fabulous fun began. I was torn as to what to do, the zoo because our zoo is fab-u-lous or an airboat ride in the everglades. After a tip from a friend letting me know that it can take up to two hours to get in to the zoo on weekends ( that's bullshit and needs to be fixed) I chose the Glades.
But before we did that we needed sustenance and since it was the start of Chinese New Year we headed for Chinese food. Coincidentally we saw one of my clients there who happens to be Chinese and she handed out Hong Bao (red envelopes filled with money) to all the kids which added a very fun twist. Doris and Dans kids are the bomb diggety. Really.

the joy of all being together is expressed rather well in this shot
D and Rosie
So much cutest in this dude
Cousin Annie and Lily. I'm so happy to see these two having so much fun together
the pickle
ready to roll on the airboat.
Doris and Dan sat up front as there wasn't room for all of there and we have done this stuff before and can do it whenever we like.So the only views I had of them were the backs of their heads.
It was loud but Doris was not bothered and videoed all lot of our ride
A little windswept 
birds, gators strange plant life that can kill in seconds...who knows what grabbed Dan's attention
the water is always so clear
our very outspoken boat captain

When the tour was over we went to see a show....that might be an exaggeration of that word but that's OK we enjoyed it.
possibly swearing an oath to his own stupidity ha ha
Ive just noticed the glove....odd
tickle tickle
cute little dude
meet snappy
meet greedy
Crazy family.
FYI, little girl has the best voice.
I was shocked
she said it was heavy.
the airboats
The everglades are so peaceful but this boats are so very noisy you HAVE to wear ear protection. 
And all too soon it was time to head back to the house. The girls were meeting their dad for dinner and The 4D's needed to head to for the airport but not before one very quick stop at Target. I remembered from Doris's blog years ago that she loves Tarjay so I offered to take them. That lady can power shop like I have never seen...awesome! It was such a fabulous day, even the Lily enjoyed herself and that has been rare lately but I am seeing her old self reappear. Too bad everyone lives so far apart.

The strange part of the day, but not so much, was Doris knowing Andie, She has read this blog for years and Andie has been front and centre, no more so than when she travelled to China with us, that Doris knew her.


  1. How fun is that to meet up with friends. The pic of Rosie & the gator....I have no words!!!!

  2. I love seeing you all together. I've gotten to meet Doris but not the rest of her crew yet. It's on my bucket list! You and your girls are so awesome to hang out with - I am sure you all had a wonderful time!!

  3. It was a marvelous day! Thank you all so very much for your generosity...your time, your home, your patience(with getting us to your place and settled on time of arrival) and your lovely family. It was a wonderful way to cap off an amazing vacation. Hope to see you again soon...either in the sunny south or in the frigid north! You always have a place to stay with us.