Friday, February 3, 2017

happy double digit day

I really don't know how my baby is now into the double digits but she is.

She is 10.

TEN. Yikes.

And not only is she 10 but she is a sweet, kind, very kind, funny, smart, happy, very very happy and brave. Finally my girl is brave.

Rosie is the most loyal child you could ever meet and I hate to think what is going to happen the first time she is crossed.

Her confidence grows with each passing day and now she is quite a leader.

She makes me laugh with her quick wit and makes me nuts with her procrastinating ways.

She is a math whiz and is grades above her age level.

She is extremely athletic and always succeeds at whatever sport she tries.

My little creature of habit doesn't like change...Not.One.Bit.

She is my Girl Friday and my right hand man.

Family means the world to her.

For her birthday she wanted, as her first choice, a table tennis set that could be attached to any table. I obliged.

I flipped the island around and off they went
it was a furious game
I'm not sure who was on this end but they were dodging the camera
fun times
quite the pro....definitely better at ping pong than kayaking ha ha

No big cakes for her, Ro is a Mishas girl
I'm not quite sure how she got so windswept. I'm sure it wasn't blowing a gale in the house. It might be that it was so very very late as went to her favourite Chinese buffet  and spent the evening out and about.
Happy birthday Pickle, I love you tonnes and thank you for making me complete. A quick look back.
2nd birthday
3rd birthday
4th birthday
5th birthday
6th birthday
8th birthday
out of order?? 7th birthday was at Epcot and I didn't get a cake photo
9th birthday (the yr she had to have a cake in a grocery store cos we went to a funeral


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Rosie!! Welcome to double digits!! Bri loves math too and is also quite the procrastinator. ;) Rosie is awesome - plain and simple. :)

  2. Happy double digit birthday Rosie! Dawn those pics just melted can see the confidence building year by year!