Tuesday, February 7, 2017

celebrating her way

My Pickle is a creature of habit and can resist change like it's her job. When I asked her how she wanted to celebrate her birthday she looked at me like I had sprouted another head...........I want to go to Lion Country Safari again. Of course you do little one, of course you do and you will.
And we did. And she enjoyed it as much as every other time she has celebrated her birthday there, possibley more as Annie was with us.

the birthday girl just as happy as a clam
more happy

When we drove through the safari park we did as we were told and left our windows closed sooo the photos are all a bit glary and mucky due to my fabulously not clean car.
every big guy needs a little sidekick
can you even imagine going through life with a target on your arse? 
wow, just wow. 
what is that large gaping wound? Barf
baby zebras are brown...who knew?
he is a baby and already so tall
I rather like these striped horses
nom nom
uhhh time to move the car
gorgeous creatures
I'll just leave this here

After driving around the safari park TWICE we parked the car and headed for on foot adventures.
I love this photo
chalk and cheese
more faffels
and one day the world will eat out of her hand...I really believe this
OMG if I do say so myself
loves herself a merry go round
miss priss sitting side saddle
who's a pretty boy then
Lily loves sheep
Marys little lamb perhaps
what you lookin' at
fun loving kidlet
game on
this! This shows just how much fun Annie is
I don't tend to flash people but if I choose to I know where to go. PS there was no light anywhere so I am not sure what flashes

It was a fabulous day and we had a blast. Oh and the kids dad came along, cos I am that kind.


  1. I love that she wants the same place every year. Hope you read the sign & bought the annual pass!

  2. What a fun day for your pickle! And Lily was driving? I can't even. It's not possible.