Wednesday, February 8, 2017

crazy cousin andie

I'm starting to notice that pretty much everyone in my family is utterly bonkers and always up for some fun. Although some of us are a little introverted it doesn't stop us from seizing the moment.

Last time Annie was here we taught her how to skateboard and this year she wanted to have another go.

Rosie hasn't been on her board in ages
But it's a bit like riding a bike
quick refresher course for Annie
and off they go
Andie flaps her arms when she is struggling

an old pro
just a little oops
and boom, got it.
hmmm, did you quit
i'm impressed
little pickle
looking a bit forlorn
got it.
We spent an hour outside boarding and it was hilarious fun. I really should upload some videos. Saying good bye to Annie, Andie, Cousin Annie, is going to be wretched.

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