Tuesday, January 10, 2017

the elusive snow

For as many years that Lily has been able to talk she has wanted to play in the snow. One time when she was 3 we were in England and there was a freak snow storm in November and even though it happened overnight she did see and play in the white stuff the next day HOWEVER, the child who remembers every aspect of her life, does not remember this.

When we have travelled anywhere and there is a chance we could see snow we all get so excited but it just eludes us. When we flew to NY City a few years ago for the Rockettes it snowed on the 22nd of December and on the 24th, we were there on the 23rd and the sky was void of snow. When we flew to China to bring Rosie home, it was the coldest winter in I don't remember how many years and all of China was getting snow, we didn't. Tonnes of ice and temperature well into the minus digits but no snow. Annie got some when she flew back to Beijing, but not us. Paris, none, Chicago none, and I could go on and on.

When the Sista said she was coming to Boston for a few days and we all needed to get together I realised there would also be a chance of snow but I wasn't about to get my hopes up cos why the hell would I? As last Thursday approached I was watching the weather closely and it seemed to be that Friday was showing a constant forecast for snow but the rest of the weekend kept saying yes, then no. I finally told the girls. One thing I did know for sure, snow or not it was going to be COLD.

We flew out last Thursday and arrived in Boston to some pretty cold weather and loved it. The girls were breathing out and watching their breath, all the things that are quite typical but they never get to do. We checked into the hotel and then headed straight outside to get chilly.

Friday was still forecasting snow and very early in the morning, it looked to be over and done with by noon. I woke up early and kept checking the balcony, I pulled the curtains back so I could see from the bed. Just before 7 it started so I woke up Rosie.

Snow, real life snow. AMAZING
To you it might look like a mere dusting but when you have never seen it, well it's the moon and stars

awesome sauce
straight out of bed and the flash blinded her but see that smile...that is priceless, thank you Sista
On Friday night before she went to bed I suggested she pour a little water into a paper cup and put it outside, kids only ever seen ice one time. She almost filled the cup but it didn't disappoint, it was frozen solid by 7
and for once the forecast was right.
More snowy adventures and the best part of the trip, the Sista, to come.


  1. My new granddaughter was the same way(she's from Brazil) as she had never seen snow. At thanksgiving she was showing me this pic of a couple flakes of snow on her sleeve that looked like dandruff!!!! They came upstate for a visit in December & we had about 5inches of the white stuff so she was thrilled!

  2. the best people are Brazillian, the sista is.