Wednesday, January 11, 2017

more fluffy white stuff

PSA: many many photos

As soon as Rosie realised it was "really" snowing she insisted we go outside. The teenager decided she would rather wait for a little while as 7am was a bit too early for her. She joined us on the balcony but getting dressed in all those layers and heading outside was  too much for her. Rosie and I bundled up and headed out.

it was heavenly
as we walked out into the snow for the first time
that sweet and happy smile. Those gloves never made it, we had to buy ski gloves.
without any prompting, she made a snowball
proud of herself
tada, the first time LOL
last snowball before we headed back upstairs.
Once the teenager was up we headed out for bagels and to start our snowy day. it was brilliant. The Revere Hotel is one block from Boston Common so that is where we went.

I loved the weather. Just loved it.
This chap and his allies are snow murderers. I have never seen so many of them and they were fast. The second it started to fall they were outside killing it. Darn.
Go away you nasty nasty machine
they couldn't wait to get to the common
all out war.
EVERYTHING, looks pretty with snow
Caro's college
looks pretty with snow
entrance to the common
this would be a great photo if my scarf wasn't inside out LOL
the kid constantly had a snowball in hand.
We had a blast on the Common and it was stunning
coffee in hand and ready to go
Rosie and I
I should have cropped that chap out, I only just saw him. This is stunning
snowball fight
a lot of this happened
both girls smiled the entire trip
who cares if its cold and wet, lets get covered.
more snow angels
my favourite photo of her

we attracted a lot of cimments regarding our joy
love this
We learnt after this quick trip out that we needed a couple of wardrobe modifications, thank god for Primart in Boston. New gloves for both girls and snowboots for Lily less than $20.
The smiles didn't stop and only got bigger and bigger especially when the sista arrived.

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  1. Love, love the pics! They look like they had so much fun. Of course you attracted comments......true "north-easterners" get tired of the white stuff:)