Friday, December 30, 2016

ho ho man

Even though I live in a house of non believers we all still choose to believe in the magic and we can't imagine Christmas without a visit to the Ho Ho Man. It was extremely close to Christmas by the time we went and since we head over to the City Beautiful to see him it was a mob scene. We waited in line for 1.5 hours but it is just so lovely there and definitely worth the wait.

the BIG jolly guy welcomes all
Coral Gables City hall
Under the lights
Ir was unseasonable hot but both girls wanted to dress like it wasn't hence the sweaty betty appearance.
The reason the wait is so long is because Santa actually talks to the kids and is hilarious. It has been the same man for the past 5 years.
serious faces when Rosie asks for a DOG!!
This is a photo of the actual photo.
We walked around for a while and I took this photo:

I had no idea how fabby it was until we got home and I ended up adding it to our Christmas card

I love how this turned out. Lots of people complained I wasn't in the photo, we wanted to send Christmas cheer so I sent it via the cute members of the household. 
I decorated the frame myself. I had it from another time when we did a photo booth with Lily's friends and I just used the reverse side to make into a Christmas theme. I really love how it turned out. When we weren't using it we attached it to the blackboard in the kitchen and drew inside it.

I believe this might be the last year that Lily will pose for Santa pictures. She asked if she still needed to go next year....sigh. She also pointed out that we have 4 years of just her before Ro came home so now we need 4 years of just Ro. Hah. the kid is so logical.

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  1. Love Lily's logic😂😂too funny! LiLi is still a believer & I love it that she is😍