Friday, January 13, 2017

snowy harvard yard

The entire reason for this trip was to  meet up with the sista from another mista so that we could spend some time together as she packed up her oldest daughter and flew cross country with her to LA. Now I have no idea how I screwed up so badly but I was sure she was coming on Friday, late in the day but on Friday nonetheless. WRONG. Sista and Caro didn't arrive until late on Saturday....duh.

Saturday morning started like the day before with me keeping a very close vigil on the window. Nothing seemed to be happening except for the fact that it was freezing. Once the girls were up and at it, I made a quick run to get bagels and hot chocolate. I would like to add that the wind was blowing a gale at this point and it was cold. My only issue was keeping my hood on with my hands full but the day before I had purchased ear muffs as I REFUSE to wear a hat. If you are new her that situation can be blamed on private school and school hats!!! I'll wrap a scarf around my head, wear a head warmer,anything that, is not a physical hat.

Shortly after breakfast the snow started and it was heavy from the word go and it was also sideways snow due to the wind. Fantastic. I loved it and so did the girls. Since they now had ski gloves and Lily had snow boots we were truly ready to start the day. Rosie was in her fur lined leggings and was wearing 97 layers so there was no chance she would be cold. I popped open some hand warmers and foot warmers and off we went on the T, headed to Cambridge.

As we walked to the station at Tufts we elicited many comments from people regarding our joy for the white stuff. So many comments from total strangers regarding how much fun we were having. Some people even said we were making them appreciate it again.

This photo was (obviously) taken later in the day but you can get an idea of temps. When you consider our average yearly temps are in the 80's...this is amazing.
And this is how I looked ha ha.
big snow!
love it
Hahvard Yard
the snow wouldn't stick it was impossible to make a snowball but that didn't stop us from throwing handfuls of the stuff
she wanted to try the snow shovel so I asked a snow murderer if she could try and he said yes. 
The snow was really heavy when we left the hotel so I decided there was no way in HELL I was going to take the good camera. All the photos are from my phone. We walked all around Harvard Yard and then went to a little Cafe for lunch. When we cam out the snow was so deep and the murderers appeared to have given up except for the occasional business owner who was sweeping or shovelling in front of his premises.

Outside the restaurant
we came out to this it was so absolutely wonderful.
one of my favourite photos of the trip
heaven, we're in heaven la la lala 
It was getting a bit hard to sightsee with the snow smacking us is the face from the wind so we headed back to the Subway and made our way home. We stopped to buy a hot chocolate to take to our room and this sign just made me LOL
No sh*t Sherlock. of course shirts and shoes are required, by now it felt like -2.

As we approached the Revere the street looked like this

3pm. dark and snowy. OH MY GOD this is what I want so much

we took cover in the room for a while and observed the goings on from up high but we decided it was no fun being in the room so we went out for a walk, by now the snow was crazy.
it was brisk....yes that's Grandpas word for it. 
one of them ALWAYS had a snowball  in hand. Little devils.
Best snow ball story coming later.
not a popular item on this lovely Saturday night.

And then we got a text: we have landed. And it was GAME ON.

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  1. You with your scarf wrapped around your head & the hood up......just cracking me right up!!!! Grandpa's right.....definitely brisk