Sunday, January 15, 2017


We couldn't wait to get the text that they were on their way to the hotel and it FINALLY came. There was a question whether Caro would come with us or go straight back to her apartment, she chose the latter.

Rosie called dibs on the door and that just made me laugh, she was hellbent that she get the first hug.
Finally, all together
look at Ro's socks. hah
Rosie is getting close
let the games begin.
Jakie said to me that I would probably have to take a large suitcase for her back to Miami if I didn't mind. I said it was fine and assumed that it was some of Caros stuff that she didn't want to leave in the apartment.
but I was wrong
she came bearing gifts
and this was for Rosie
It made her so happy.
Luciana adored and collected giraffes when she was younger but now has grown up (a lot) and doesn't want them. I carefully packed this huge giraffe for her when they moved to Israel and vaccummed packed him so he wouldn't take up so much room. My heart smiled when he popped out of the suitcase knowing how special he was.

 Of course that was the end of the photos. We went for dinner, all of us and then Jakie came back to the hotel with us. Our time together was so so limited that we lived the moments and didn't document them.

On Sunday we were leaving, and had to cram in as much as we could to every second. I ran out for bagels and then we just sort of hung out laughing and talking until Caro came over. Sunday was the coldest day with feels like temps at -13 but we still managed to stay warm, it was no longer snowing so that was a tad sad but the snow was still around.
a beautiful crisp northeasten morning
Rosie camerushing to tell me there was a fire at Tufts medical...bless
Caro putting on a brave face she truly HATES the weather...I don't get it.
good thing it wasn't yellow
how does my child not get cold ears????
sad looking snow, killed by the murderers
where are all your leaves Mr. Tree you are naked?
crazy as it seems we never see scaffolding here.
dirty frozen snow piled up everywhere, Perfect for marching through
Boyleston street glam
and before we knew it we were late leaving for the airport. How? Guess we didn't want to goa dn just didn't watch the time.

Our see you laters were rushed and upsetting. Rosie was in floods of tears the sista and I barely had a hug.

Before I had time to think, this was my view

a child sleeping next to me on a plane.
That wasn't how this story eneded though, life happened and the sista is here now due to a death in her family.

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  1. You manage to cram so much fun into such a short time. Also so much fun in such crazy cold weather!