Tuesday, January 17, 2017

a few weeks ago......

The girls didn't really have any ideas with regard to Christmas gifts that they wanted. I find the amount of stuff that appears for their birthdays and Christmas to be a little overwhelming so this year I did something I haven't done for a while. I gifted them tickets to events. No superfluous stuff and we get to have a truly wonderful day out together.

We have been fans of Cirque Du Soleil for years and Lily has seen quite a few however Rosie had never been. When I got an email offering advanced tickets I checked to see if it was a child appropriate show and jumped at the opportunity.

Standing outside the entrance with the Grande Chapiteau behind them. 
we knew it would be FREEZING inside so the girls dressed accordingly however it was frightfully hot that day. 
as we were waiting to go in we were entertained by a show on the outside of the tent....incredible
This was without a doubt one of my favourite shows. The girls were mesmerized the entire time and we had a fabulous day together.
Most of the cirque show happens up in the air so I was surprised to see the bridge.
the bridge, it turned out, was only for walking unsuspecting patrons to their seats!!
As usual the costumes and story were out of this world
crazy costumes how do they move let alone perform death defyiing feats
this "things" head was a glowing ball

Since we had such a fabby time I have suggested to Rosie that she choose a destination for her birthday.

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