Saturday, November 5, 2016

You'll need a dress

Last Friday I received an email from Rosies teacher that said:

Just want to give you a head up since Rosie isn't in school, she will be receiving an academic achievement award next week. I don't have all the details as the invitation was sent in a sealed envelope but I do know it is next Wednesday evening.

(Rosie wasn't in school because she had pink eye and a high fever of unknown causes possibly related to the conjunctivitis but highly doubtful (read 104.3). and she is all better now thank you)

On Monday when she bought home the invitation I read it allowed, proclamation style and she was so proud and excited and then I ruined her moment but saying, right, you'll need a dress for this. Her big cheesy smile slipped from her face and she looked at me at and said, WHATTTT ?

I said trousers and a pretty top would be fine and all was once again right in her world. It was pretty darned funny though.

On Wednesday evening we headed south to one of the massive high schools in the area and  Rosie received an award for her academic achievements from one of our school board members. There were quite a few students receiving awards including a girl with down syndrome whose smile could have lit up the night sky! She received a standing ovation which only made her smile bigger. Sweetest thing ever!

Rosie was called to the principals office shortly before dismissal on Wednesday and Dr. P asked her if she was going and when she said yes, she said I'll see you there. I thought that was really nice of her.

I took a photo of my girls but when I uploaded it these to enormous grown weeds showed up. Who are they?
I love this photo of my weeds 
Well at least one of them was happy to get the award. 
This crazy lady saw me zooming in on the child from a way  away and photo bombed. The crazy lady is Dr Pelletier, the principal. fabulous lady.
proud and rightly so.
the lady was the WORST public speaker I have ever heard. 
I just have to say that that smile would not have been so big and confident if I had forced it into a dress and frankly I thnk she looks lovely. If it was the queen we might, might have had to reconsider but nubby Grandpa we do dresses for.

So there you have it, the child is shining her own light and proving to the world who SHE is and showing that she walks in NO ones shadow.


  1. I am crying & laughing(about "you'll need a dress") at the same time. Rosie you are awesome & you will never walk in anyone's shadow! Love your "weeds"❤️❤️❤️

  2. Well done Rosie, you're a star.xx