Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Halloween is probably my least favourite holiday. If somehow the day slipped by and we totally forgot to "celebrate" I would quite fine with that.

I am scarred from my childhood with regard to dressing up in costumes and absolutely hate them. Add to that the whole private school uniform and having to wear your hat when in uniform and out in public and hell to the no, thanks. My children and the rest of the United States believe that dressing up is the best thing ever, sob sob  so I feign enthusiasm, and we find a costume. Due to having friends  and clients with older kiddos I have a dress up box to rival any  costume store and have  furnished costumes to the girls friends on many occasions.

This year Lily said she didn't think she would dress up and Rosie had no idea what she wanted to be. We dragged out the big old trunk and she waded through it, maybe this, maybe this.Finally I said, how about we go to Target? Child, unlike her sister, has never had a new costume. That nearly worked but they only had the boy version so off to the Halloween store.

This year a little girl was so very very excited to be Hermione Granger

She wore the costume for days
she practised spells
it's my fault, the photos before wasn't good, so i said, open your eyes wider. lol
love it!
She loves the Harry Potter series. even though it scares her silly.

Happy Halloweenie.

First time in 8 yrs that I haven't graced my Halloween posts with 2 girls. gulp. one is growing up.


  1. She looks so grown up(insert sigh). I was figuring this would be the last year for making LiLi's costume but she's already planning next years. I'm thinking about buying the Harry Potter books for her for Christmas.....I think she's ready. She's loving the Kate DiCamillo books

  2. She looked amazing! I usually love Halloween, but it was a rough October for me. I was happy to put all the Halloween decorations away this year. Bri still had a great Halloween thank goodness. I think someone needs to visit Harry Potter World at Universal. :)