Saturday, September 10, 2016

water updates

Girly is loving being back in the pool and I am loving having her back in the pool. She doesn't have a whole lot of time to do anything else what with practice and studying. Apparently heading off to High School can be a hard transition ( it was for me as a mum, hah) but being on the team has really helped with that. It is also helping that child knows where it's at in a pool and basically get's it done. She has earnt the moniker Little Ledecky and has qualified for the District and Regional competitions already and it looks as if she will be heading to State. She has 4 yrs of this so if she does't make it this year, no biggie.

 She signed up for her electives but didn't get all the ones she wanted and ended up in Debate. I thought it would be good for her but she wasn't overly impressed. By the second class the teacher wa asking for kids to leave as she had way too many students so Lily offered but then found out she would have to do PE. Not a PE type kid so she stayed. Her swim coach, who is also the man in charge of the Cambridge Global Sudies Program and the man responsible for "recruiting' Lily in the first place said she could do something else and to stop by his office. I get a text that says and you need to sit down for this:

 MUM, Mr Ferguson, signed me up for drivers ed.!

Holy mother of GOD, say what?? Lily driving. SHIT. Girly is one of the smartest kids I have ever met but she has no common sense. I was recently told by a child psychiatrist that she has no common sense because her head is going 1000 miles an hour on important stuff and she has no time for nonsense. So driving and crossing the road...not a freaking clue. Frankly I think she is the smartest ding dong around and she just doesn't think and it is as simple as that.

Girl has lots of meets as school season is short, but it won't be if she makes State. Last year the school team was laughable and they did really badly but this year they are a force to be reckoned with and it's great to see. I am very very proud to say that the girls have not been beaten yet this year and a certain girl has a lot to do with that. Last week a school cancelled a meet at the last minute and the rumour was that the wanted to time to practice more.
 Go Bulldogs

A great team feel to this team. Lily isn't a touchy kid so this is all a bit hard for her 
2 words: GO LILY
I thought she was about to be beaten but she fooled me
She did her speed boat in the last lap.
They always cheer each other on and the parents do too it is so nice
I should have lightened this photo I love when she doesn't break the surface
Oh to be so flexible. This is M he is the kindest nicest kid. Swimmer and dancer. LOL who sits like that. he counted for lily in the 500. They both swim it and they count for each other.
Girl was tired. not her best but she took off some time. I felt like I was watching taffy. 
This was the pool we used to swim at and it always had the most beautiful skies.
Time is marching on. They are both doing well in school and I am proud of them both.


  1. I love seeing pictures of Lily in the pool again! I really missed it! There is no doubt she has a true gift!

  2. I am so far behind both reading & blogging. I choked on my coffee over the driver's ed. Ooh mamma mia😜 She is such a natural in the the pics