Sunday, September 4, 2016

knock knock

On Friday afternoon my routine went like this, pick Lily up from school (and a team mate) drive them directly to the pool, haul it straight to Rosies school and pick up her. I have this down to a science now, well with the exception of knowing the best strategy for HS pick up. Sheesh, that place is zooey and traffic a nightmare but with regard to timing, it's a well oiled machine.

Rosie and I came home and we were discussing her day and I had to track a package on the computer for her so I sat down when there was a knock at the door. I peeked through the window near my desk that gives me the advantage of looking out but not being seen. The person was little, but that was all I could see. I went to the door and with my usual "junkyard dog" welcome, growled, "who is it?" and this little voice said, "me".

I opened the door not cheerfully ( have I mentioned I HATE the phone and HATE people at my door) and gasped the loudest gasp ever. So loud in fact that Rosie came out of the kitchen. She saw who was at the door, pushed past me and jumped into her arms. I finally physically removed her claiming my turn my turn and realising we needed to come into the house.

Sista from another Mista was at the door. 

Joy, happy tears, shaking, you name it, followed, of course by, what the fuck are you doing in my house? I knew that she was in Boston with Chickie Wickie, we had discussed us going up there for the long weekend but it wasn't feasible with the start of HS and all the unknowns accompanying that. I was sad. We have talked every single day multiple times since she arrived and she asked me on Friday what time would be a good time to talk about some really important stuff, I said, 2pm. As is Jakie, time got a way from her so I sent her a photo of my watch at 2.12 cos, well it's me and I speak my mind. She wrote back, sorry on a train, will talk later. Made sense to me, she was in Boston. Turns out that train was the one at Miami International Airport taking her to the main terminal. HAH.

We all picked lily up from practice and she was shocked, understandably and then she hit us with a bombshell. I have so much homework. Lily was out of the weekends festivities.

The sista was here for 29 hours, 29 delightful, hilarious, crime solving, salve to the soul, hours. 

Friday we went to dinner and then talked, for hours, Saturday I ran to work in the morning and Luz came over to see Jakie and after lunch we shopped.

We had to run some errands, she needed to get some stuff to take back to Israel, I will ship it for her. We did a marathon shop, the longest time ever spent in one store but it was fun. We also noticed we were being cased by a guy and at first we weren't sure if it was us, or Rosie he was watching. Turned out he, and his buddy were pick pockets and we blew them wide open and they got to take a ride in a car with pretty lights on top.HAH!

But suddenly it was over and there were tears from Rosie and hugs such tight tight hugs from us and promises. The airport is the scene of so much sadness but we won't dwell on it cos right now Sista is in Boston still, still so close.

We both have the same phone, that is not surprising but out of all the ring tones we have the same one, we also have the exact same alert for texts oh and yesterday, we both wore the same damn colours.

I have explained to the girls that I hope, more than anything for them, a best friend like Jakie. A soul sista, one you can tell it like it is, share every detail. the truth, always the truth, laugh so hard you cannot breath, trust with your childrens lives know you will never offend because you would never try to. She isn't just a friend she truly is my sista from another mista. The only other person I feel this way about is my seester.

This trip was very cloak and dagger so it isn't anywhere on FB. I wanted to be sure to get photos of Jakie and Luz so I dragged out the camera on Friday night and literally left it in the middle of the floor. When I got home from work she was still here so I sat them on the couch and took some. Since it was out it made sense to take some of us too.

Luz, many many years ago Luz started as a housekeeper but not so much...she is family. We ALL love Luz. perspective, when you live in a place for many many years and you come  back to visit and see only 2 people, she is family. 
The worlds needs more Luz'
Pickle lurves her some Jakie
Only acceptable photo as someone stayed in her P.J.'s all day doing homework. ALL DAY
sometimes you just need to kick up your heels and laugh
NO!@ you may not ever leave.
someone stole someones hat!
and she knew it looked good
Best surprise ever, best 29 hours ever. thank you. xxxxx


  1. What a wonderful surprise! I'm so glad you have such a dear friend.

  2. That is so wonderful! You can just see all the love you have for one another!