Wednesday, August 31, 2016

little diy'ers

As I am sure by now you know, Lily is obsessed with her fingernails. She has so much polish that her case floweth over. She has been looking for a different way to store/display it. She decided in the end to make something. I wasnt realy sure exactly what she was describing but told her I was sure it woudl be fine. She asked her dad to take her to the hardware store and then he asked if her could come here to work on it with her.

The Dad helped for a while but after he left for the day
I stepped in,  literally.  Girly doesn't like saws so I took over
ummm, no you may not leave all of this here...NO
Yes it does look amazing and you have done a great job but NO NO NO

My motto is get it done!! Nothing should ever be left until later everything should be done yesterday. Finally she did get around to finishing it and I have to say it's massive  amazing and she did a rally good job.

She doesn't really like power tools or non power tools if they are saws. She knows how to do things but doesn't share my enjoyments of doing things like this. The bottom tray isn't attached and she is fine and dandy with it.
I cannot believe she has so much polish. sheesh.

 Rosie was helping me with an organisational project whilst she was doing that, Rosie isn't afraid to get dirty.

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