Monday, August 29, 2016

swimming. again. all the time.

Oh yes, now I remember why we gave this up. Because we had too because I could not be in all these places at once and do all the thins I had to do, that's right. sigh

But this is high school, I don't need to sit on the pool deck and keep vigil. I can leave her.

Ahh but I can't leave Rosie at home alone that is called bad shitty parenting and you go to jail for it, rightfully so.

She is an absolute rockstar in the pool, a freak. She has been out of the water for a little over 12 months, she is swimming with a lot of club swimmers and she is the top female swimmer on the team. Yes, really. I was shocked. She was shocked and her coach was floored. She ripped that pooled to shreds and she wasn't even trying that hard.

In her first meet  one of she events was a 400m relay and she lapped a swimmer 3 times. I wish I had done everything in my power to have never taken her out of the pool. She is that good. She has only lost 3 seconds but her endrance is down. Girl won everysingleevent! Every damn one!

Not even sure what I am going to do at this point but it is all up to her, bottom line.

We were at an indoor pool. what are those? who knew we had them here? yuckems
those distinctive hands
Fly baby, fly. (lighting and shadows indoors was a new set of challenges.)
still got it
still the same pre event jitters.
the goggles fix
waiting waiting waiting
gone. being out of the water has not helped her scoliosis, at all
those hands again
tearing it up  again

The strangest backstoke flags I have ever seen. that any of the swimmers had ever seen.
It is good to see her back in the water and she is enjoying it. Her academic load so far is OK even with her college courses, usually they get hit so hard the first couple of weeks.


  1. She's incredible! Great shots in spite of your " challenges"

  2. Great job Lily. Mom and Rosie too. Love the butterfly shot.

  3. So pleased Lily is back doing what she loves and excels at, great news.

  4. She is so amazing! I am just in awe of her!!