Tuesday, August 23, 2016

off you go little ones, to the halls of learning

The alarm went off at a new time today, it went off at 5.30. This is going to be our new, "up and at 'em" time for the next bazillion years because High School starts at some God forsaken time and Lily now attends High School. It's all rather shocking really.

She is taking the bus, she didn't want to take it today, her first day, she wanted me to drive her but I was worried that if she didn't go on the bus on her first day that she might lose her privilege or something silly so I delivered her to the bus stop at 6.10am for a bus that was slated to show up bewteen 6.18 and 6.38 am. yawn. It showed at 6.24 and she arrived at school very eaarly so I am hoping it will come a little later once the kinks are worked out. Rosie comes with us as I cannot just leave her home alone.

We came home and had breakfast and then got Rosie all ready for school. She suddenly became very worried at the fact that for the first time she would be attending school alone. She never spent any time with her sister at school but she gleaned great comfort knowing she was there. All her old anxieties bubbled to the surface and the tears flowed. She was convinced she would need her and nothing I could say or do would change her mind. Thankfully once we finally got her into her classroom seeing all her friends calmed her fears and she found her courage.

First time in her new uniform...yes that is a uniform
nervous nelly covers it well with a million dollar smile
I worried thought about Lily all day. I managed a quick text from her and she said she was fine but it wasn't until she got home which is another complete and utter frezy that I knew for sure that she had had a good day. I picked her up at the bus, dropped her at the house, ran to get Rosie and then Lily met us in the driveway and we hauled it to swimming. Sigh, she was only 30 minutes late. How do I clone myself? Both girls had a good first day and things can only get better from this point out As for this 5.30 am nonsense...I think I might start driving her. THe 20 minutes that we spend waiting at the bus stop can be 20 minutes she spends asleep.

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  1. I'm glad the girls had a good first day! The elementary school bus comes so early here too (not 6:18 early but it does come at 6:55). I take Bri to school so she can sleep a little longer. I don't leave the house until 7:20. Bri will be in middle school next year which is a later start time. She is so excited. ;) BTW - how the heck is Lily in high school? Where did the time go?